The Journey

There's a bit of gap in blog posts here... Sorry friends!  We've been busy whipping this hundred year old warehouse into shape.  It's been a trying, frustrating, long, and humbling process, but we're close to the finish line now and we really wouldn't trade this experience for anything else.  Its been amazing coming to work each day with your best friends in tow, and getting to ply your craft on this great building, learn a couple new things, and have some laughs.  Its hard to believe that this part of our project will soon come to an end (very soon!), but we get a chance to switch gears and show off some of our other skills, those that tickle the taste buds.  We really CAN NOT WAIT to show you all the fruits of our labors while enjoying an amazing craft cocktail.  Won't be long now!

Here's what we've been up too: